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What is Exothermic Welding System?
Electrical connections or joint plays very crucial role in any electrical circuits as they provide smooth flow of electricity so that an uninterrupted power supply is delivered to the machines and equipments ensure proper operation. The quality of the connections directly related with the safety of equipments and personnel. The poor and improper connections generate fault currents/ short circuits which can damage you’re electrical circuits and further the equipment connected to it.

We observe that over the period of time due to aging, low maintenance and environmental conditions these connection or joints get corroded/rusted or loosen and become low performing joints. This degraded performance of joints creates current leakage which will cause short circuits, electrical shocks, equipment damages, increase in repairing and replacement cost. With the changing time and technology, Exothermic Welding System has come up as robust solution for these problems. Exothermic Welding is the globally accepted method to make permanent, reliable and high conductivity connections for any electrical installation.

JMV’s JAMWELD, the exothermic welding system is highly proficient and innovative method for making electrical connections between two or more copper to copper and copper to steel conductors. An exothermic welding method is highly portable as it does not require any external power source or heat source, so it can be done almost anywhere. JMV’s JAM WELD provides strong permanent molecular bond among metallic conductors that cannot loosen and further will not deteriorate with age. JMV’s exothermic welded connection does not corrode or degrade with time and it offers permanent conductivity. According to a study the most frequent reason of damaging an electrical & electronics devices is SURGES.

Features :
  • Aging Free : The connections will not deteriorate with age since they are welded and offer permanent electrical connections which results in longer life of connections.
  • Corrosion Free : The connection is a permanent molecular bonding that cannot loosen and are unaffected by corrosive products to the same degree as copper.
  • Cost-effective : A cost effective solution as it lasts for years based on fit and forget technology and does not need to repair connections frequently.
  • Reliable and durable : The material used to make the connection is light and portable and the connections will withstand repeated high current surges (faults) without deterioration.
  • Problem-free electrical connections: No external power or heat is required to make a connection and the connections can be checked for quality by visual inspection.
JAM WELD- JMV Exothermic Welding Kit comprises Graphite Moulds, Handle Clamps, Exothermic Weld Powder, Cleaning Brush, Disc, Flint Igniters and Slag Removal Spade.

Let’s understand the working of JAMWELD, the exothermic welding system
  • Slide the handle clamp into the pre-drilled holes with the proper orientation for the thumbscrews.
  • Tighten the clamp thumbscrews onto the mould.
  • Close the grips to tightly lock the mold. Make adjustments to tighten/loosen the handle clamp.
  • Place the conductors in the mould and close the handle clamps to avoid material leakages during the reaction.
  • Obstruct the tap hole with the metallic disk.
  • Empty the contents of the welding mixture package.
  • Empty 50% of the starting powder above Exothermic Weld Powder (Don’t Mix, just scatter) and then close the Mould Mouth and than the rest 50% Starting Powder, Sprinkle it on the Mould Mouth nearby the small hole given on the top of the Mould Mouth.
  • Ignite the starting powder extended on the top/side of the mould using the flint igniters.
  • Once started, the reaction will take 3-4 seconds during which it is recommended to stand clear of the mould.
  • 10. After at least 2 minutes of the bonding, open the mould by undoing the handle grip. Remove the mould from the joint and clean the joint for any slag. Once open, clean the slag sticking to the mould with the relevant tool and clean the cavities. The mould will be ready now to use again without having to reheat it as it is already warm.
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