The JAM WELD Exothermic Welding Kit gives a definitive in lasting sub-molecular holding. The procedure of exothermic welding, in which no outside wellspring of warmth or force is required, is the all around favored strategy for making electrical associations of copper-to-copper or copper-to-steel. Lightning security and establishing frameworks require associations that keep up current conveying limit surpassing that of the conductors utilized as a part of the system.

Cadweld associations give higher melding limit than the conductors to which they are fortified. Framework resistance, impedance, and ampacity relate specifically to usefulness, safety, and administrative consistence. JAM WELD meets these difficulties and conveys affirmation.

JAM WELD associations give execution better than all current surface-to-surface mechanical maintenance connectors. Pressure sort associations are defenseless to variation, aging, corrosion, and failure - not JAM WELD One tick of the starter produces a visually inspectable, uniformly conductive, corrosion resistant, continuous solid metal bonding at the sub-atomic level bringing about the main association which won't relax or increment in resistance over the lifetime of the establishment.

JMV fabricates exothermic welding molds are produced using high thickness graphite. Its configuration is one of a kind and possesses superior and long life. We additionally makes exothermic welding powder an excellent blend of copper oxide and aluminum that is measured into particular weights in grams for welding association.

Exothermic Welding Powder :
Exothermic weld powder is a mixture of copper oxide and aluminum, packaged by size in a plastic cartridge. This mixture is non-flammable and non-toxic which offers smooth electrical connections.
Exothermic Welding Molds :
A Graphite Mold is used for making exothermic welding connections which controls the direction and speed of the molten weld metal flow and the formation of the weld. This mold suitable for high quality welding work and can be used for several times. It offers smooth metal connection that will not loosen or corrode and has high tolerance power which results in multiple times of using it.
Exothermic Welding Handle Clamps :
This kit includes handles clamps which is required to hold the mold tightly at the time of making joints. These handle clamps offers grip to the mold and are made up of high quality raw material. It can be use for multiple times and no need of repairing.
Exothermic Welding Cable Brush :
Cable Brush is used for cleaning heavily oxidized conductors and surfaces prior to the welding connection. It is used to clean mould weld cavity because its shape is very sensitive and there should not be any damage while using brush. So we use soft brush to clean mould weld cavity and hard brush is used to clean other sections of mould.
Exothermic Welding Gas Lighter :
Gas Lighter with Refillable and Adjustable Flame. These flame lighters are known for their unmatched range and unbeatable .
Steel Metal Disk :
Steel discs acts timing device to allow the welding powder to heat to proper temperature. Steel Disk is designed to contain the exothermic reaction to the upper crucible of a mold until the reaction is complete and ready to weld.
Hand Gloves :
Gloves are required for safety purpose as the Exothermic Weld Powder melts at more than 1400 degree Celsius. We recommend a Pair of Gloves for Every 150 to 200 Joints.
Flint Gun :
Flint Gun is designed with the advantages of safety and convenience. It is used to ignite Starting Powder in order to result in exothermic reaction. We recommend one Flint Gun for every 80 to 100 Shots
Brush (Soft and Hard) :
Soft Brush – Clean Mould Weld Cavity because its shape is very sensitive and there should not be any damage while using Brush, so we recommend to use Soft Brush
- Hard Brush – It’s used to clean other section of Mould
Slag Removal Tool :
It is used to remove the metal Scrap from Mould after the Welding Process is done. We recommend One Slag Tool for Every 200 Joints.

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