♦ Only required components or the equipment are to be be use while connections.
♦ Follow the instruction of connecting parts. Not following the instructions may cause improper connections and can damage the welding products or even can harm to the worker.
♦ Use of broken equipment is prohibited as it may cause leakage. Sealing products can be used while in case of fine leakage.
♦ Better to not to use welding materials while working with weld.
♦ Make proper connection according to the instructions and governing codes.
♦ The performer should be well skilled and must wear safety gears while working.
♦ Avoid direct contact with hot material.
♦ There should be a gap of 7 to 10 foot between the welding site and other people.
♦ Protect the inflammable products on the site against the fire hazards.
♦ The work place should be airy and fully ventilated.
♦ Smoking is not allowed on the site.
♦ Do not look at the welding process, avoid direct eye contact.
♦ The welding materials are not explosive but are thermit mixture, that means they reacts produce hot molten material at temperature above 1400 degree C.
♦ Use of water or CO2 should be done in case of fire, as thermit mixture after contacting with water become involved. Application of water should be done from a distance.
♦ All site usable governing codes and instructions should be observed.
♦ Use of all protection gears should be done while entering into the work zone.
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